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Hi hankn, welcome to the forum

Sure Command Line Scanner (CLS) as well as the Full Emsisoft Package (with GUI) can be run off-line, when computer is disconnected.

When you download CLS separately or Emergency Stick files, that contain CLS as well they have all recent Signatures and modules

At the same time that does not mean at all that if you keep CLS or emergency Stick files for quite a while they don't need to be updated.

They must be updated. Just test it - download CLS. If you will issue a2cmd /U command in a few minutes after that you will most likely have no updates , but later in a several minutes/hours you will get Signatures updates for sure.

The modules updates may be delivered as well.

Please search this and our old forum using "a2cmd"; "CLS"; "Command Line..." & alike keywords and you will find a lot of discussions & explanation re: using this very flexible & helpful Utility

My regards

p.s. ... was typing at the same time, Christian

but anyway downloading whole Package or updating - you need to be on-line or use another computer that is connected in order to get the latest Package & then scan the PC in question that can be out of order & off-line

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