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EAM not scanning files in a folder !?


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Today i noticed something really weird: when scanning a folder EAM does not scan the files in the folder !?


Fx. when i right-click on a folder and select "Scan with EAM" , the scanning finishes in 2 seconds.

Scanning 7 GB in 2 seconds !?

Must be the worlds fastest scanning...


But if i open the folder, mark all files and start a scan, then all files are scanned.


This must be a BIG bug !?


Or is this a "feature" which gives extremely fast scanning by providing false results...?

Of course all the files in a folder should be scanned when a folder is selected, what else should we expect ?


I´ve used EAM for many years and i have never seen this before, scanning a folder has always scanned the files within the folder.

So it must be new....


I´m using Total Commander, but the same thing happens also with Explorer, so Total Commander can´t be blamed...


Using EAM

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Thanks for the info.

I noticed that you are using EAM

I´m running EAM on that computer, which might explain the different behaviour.


I assume that you did exactly as i did, right-clicked on a folder ?

Not a "Custom Scan" ?


I´m going to install and see what happens....

Downloading right now...


Update: In case someone wonders, the latest version is

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