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I'm a couple weeks into an evaluation copy of EIS v11 and have noticed several times, when updates requiring restarts have been pushed to my daughter's laptop, that EIS does not automatically restart itself, even though I think I have the restart options set to do that. The only reason I've caught it is that I will notice a small exclamation point symbol in the taskbar notification icon when using her rig. 

Current restart settings are as follows:

  1. Computer restart notifications (checked/enabled)
  2. Application restart notifications (unchecked/disabled)

Because hover-help tip over #2 states, in part, "If disabled, Emsisoft Internet Security will be restarted automatically", I assumed - perhaps incorrectly - that EIS would restart itself when it is needed with #2 unchecked. Apparently that is not the case because I've had to manually restart it on several occasions (see first paragraph).


An automatic restart of EIS is preferred since my 15 year old daughter will likely ignore any restart notifications (remember, she is 15 and pretty much ignores anything that is not an email, chat, or text message) and utilizes the sleep function on her laptop almost exclusively. Rarely, if ever, does she shut the machine completely down. So the only way that EIS would get restarted on any regular basis is when Microsoft pushes a W10 update which will force a restart at some point.


Am I misinterpretting the restart  settings? If so, is there a setting to automatically restart EIS whenever the software feels a need? Its no big deal if not, as I monitor it frequently, but I'd hate for the protection level to not be what it should be until I happen to get around to checking.


Thanks for reading.



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EIS does automatically restart itself for updates, however if a driver can't be unloaded in order to be restarted then a computer restart is necessary in order to finish installing the update. This happens more frequently with EIS than with EAM due to the extra firewall drivers that it uses.

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