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You may have covered this topic in the forum but, I was shopping online and this message came up saying that I needed to call support immediately at 855-707-6272. The message wouldn't stop so I called and it was support from Rescue by Logmein. John ask me for permission to access my computer. He showed me messages from my system that I couldn't understand. One of the messages are above. He told me it would cost me $200.00 on the spot to fix it. I said I couldn't afford that. He asked me what year I was born which I thought was odd. I started to lie to see were it was going but I said the yr mistakingly. Then he said what can you afford to pay to fix your system so I said $40. Just to see if this was legitimate. He said that is fine. I told him to hold and so I could check my account. He told me I could check it on my computer and he was going to release his access to my computer but he was still there. When I clicked on the Log me in window he hung up on me and logged out of the system. So I feel like one this person is using the Logmein to abuse the system and the other I am having a security breach of some sort. Please help!

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I'm sorry to hear about this, this was clearly a scam. Aside from what Stapp recommended, just make sure you uninstall LogMeIn (although the program is perfectly legit, just to be sure the scammers can't login anymore).


As for damage these people do, fortunately usually they are too stupid to do real damage. to get a bit of insight in the techniques used, please see this blog post we made some time ago.


Fortunately these browser lockers (as we usually call them) do no damage to your computer; they just try to scare you, might play an audio message or lock your browser (so that you have to close it via the task manager) but that is all, they do not modify or install anything on your computer.

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