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OA keeps disabling my Firefox addons

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My reason for using OA instead of the security suite is some features have been removed that I originally liked OA for to begin with like the country blocking. I've had alot of problems with China probing my computer and I like to keep China's IP ranges blocked until i need to use them.


Right now after updating OA signatures it keeps disabling my Firefox addons, if i have the firewall portion turned off, and removing them entirely if I have the firewall turned on. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this ?


Firefox 43.0.1

OA Premium

EAM Version

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I'm glad to hear that trusting Firefox resolved the issue. The changes that Peter mentioned may have caused Firefox to require administrator rights on certain platforms for some things related to extensions. If you're on Windows 7, then the UAC performs the same function as RunSafer, so you won't be giving up any protection by turning off RunSafer. ;)

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I'm glad to hear that, although it is worth noting that on Windows 7 the RunSafer feature doesn't provide any extra protection. The UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 7 performs essentially the same function, which is downgrading the rights of running programs so that they can't make changes to the system.

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