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i have the a square free ware downloaded on my laptop. i run a deep scann sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. it always finds something. i dont understand what quarenteen trojens and worms is supposed to do or deteing them after u quarenteen them.Can someone explain to me what it does? and where does it go because everytime i scan , it shows tons of the same things each time. oh and why does a deep scann take for ever to complete? my computer is fast and it takes like 3 hours or more to finish and most the time it just sits in one spot and never moves. all help is appreciated. thanx!

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Hi CubeZero, welcome to the forum

Running the Deep Scan using any scanner "2 or 3 times a day" (!!!) is way to much & absolutely unnecessary

(you are just killing your hard drive & the processor as well... have you ever checked its temperature changes & the fan spinning when scanning?)

It is impossible to tell what is flagged because there is no information provided. You may consider at least once attaching saved report

Then since you are saying that many "the same" items are flagged those could be just hundreds of cookies and the latter are never representing any threats

Clear temporary file locations & cookies before scanning

... but again that is just a guess nothing concrete can be said without info.

Please read this and old forums / Stickies posted at the beginning of the sections/ Help file / etc. & sure ask, but it is hardly possible to give you any advice regarding what & when to quarantine/ delete

Finally, since you are using Free edition ad your Deep Scan lasts 3 hours - disable the real-time resident of your Antivirus when scanning. That will eliminate conflicts and will reduce the time of the scan 2-3 times

My regards

p.s. Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) or use your signature for that info

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