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If I update EEK, can I scan without restarting? It appears to be scanning (but the computer is not infected so I have no way of knowing if the updated definitions are being used!)


The reason I ask is that EEK is being used in a Windows PE image, and Windows PE opens into a read-only virtual drive (so EEK has to be updated after each boot since all changes are lost). I understand it's not designed for use in this context but it's the only 64-bit portable malware scanner that seems to work in Windows PE.



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Hi spleen smile.png

I think GT500's post below answer part of your question.


Basically, you can choose not to check for updates/upgrades of EEK, but it means that you might have outdated definitions and/or version of the program, which will affect its potential to detect and remove malware.

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If you want to update EEK when running from a PE environment, you will have to copy it to some sort of read/write media (such as the hard drive of the computer being scanned) in order for it to save its updates.

Program updates will require EEK to be restarted, but not the computer. Database updates do not require a restart.

Please also note that scanning an offline system from a PE environment is not recommended, since detection capabilities will be limited due to lack of Windows registry access, and System File protection that is built in to EEK will not function as expected and thus there are certain unfortunate risks posted by running from a bootable disk (or from another computer that you have connected an infected hard drive to).

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