Emsisoft Breaks ntdll.dll

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Hey Fabian and Gang-


Ran into a new issue last night and this morning with the update and reboot.


We have multiple clients running Quickbooks, and OrthoTrac.


All of our users of either of these software products stopped working last night/this morning.


Uninstallation of Emsisoft was the only fix we were able to impliment. Every work station was

whitelisted first which did not work, but an uninstall did.


Any info on this or input would be appriciated. I have about 100 users being impacted with this.


Thanks as always folks!

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Ok guys and gals-


I have clients all over the state that are crashing due to this issue. I am having to uninstall Emsisoft to get people back up and running.


This is unexceptable and I need it fixed NOW

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I'm having the same issue.  It started with another intuit product ProSeries 2015 and then Quickbooks 2013 would't start.  I disabled protection and even unloaded.  The only thing to make Quickbooks work again is to uninstall.  I uninstalled last night to fix a computer, downloaded the new version of Emsisoft last night.  As soon as I reinstalled, Quickbooks stopped working again until I uninstalled Emsisoft Internet Security.  Event logs show appcrash QBW32.exe ntdll.dll.

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In general if you are managing installations remotely, I strongly suggest you used the "Delayed" update feed. That way, your clients won't get updates immediately but with a delay of a couple of days or weeks to avoid issues like this. You can switch update feeds under "Settings"/"Updates".


We also released a fix for this particular issue in the beta update feed and plan to move it to stable as soon as we gathered enough customer feedback on whether or not the fix worked.

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