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EIS broken after last night's update

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I had an update to EIS last night that required a restart and all seemed to go well until I turned my machine on this morning and I then got an Emsisoft error message saying that 'a major problem has prevented the application from starting' (see attached screenshot).

I tried couple of reboots but the problem persists - so I thought a reinstall might help.

So, I uninstalled EIS and rebooted twice and tried to reinstall but now I get a message saying 'it appears a version of EIS is already installed on your system' (see screenshot) and I can't uninstall it now as it no longer shows in the program list following the uninstall I did earlier.

I've checked in Task Manager and the a2 AntiMalware service is showing in a stopped state so it appears the uninstall didn't work properly.  I also still had the Emsisoft NDIS packet filter visible and enabled in my wifi adaptor properties - I've since uninstalled this driver and tried to reinstall EIS but the problem still persists - I can't install as it thinks it's already installed.

I ran Emsiclean.exe, and closed it without letting it clean up, so that it generated a log file (see attached).

Please advise me how to fix this.






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That log shows that it is safe to use Emsiclean to remove Emsisoft Internet Security. Please run Emsiclean again, making sure to select everything in the list, and then click the button to remove selected items. Please be sure to allow your computer to be restarted after doing this.

After your computer has restarted, you may download and reinstall Emsisoft Internet Security from this link.

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