Anti-Malware License code not valid after re-install

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I recently ran in to an issue on a Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) notebook where it would hang at the initializing stage while attempting to update…for hours. I noted the License Key on our machine (which was not scheduled for renewal until 10/11/2016) and attempted to reinstall the software.


Upon doing so and attempting to enter the same key, I am presented with the message “There are no valid licenses associated with this key. Please try another license key.”.


I have read that the key should still be valid following a reinstall here on the forums, any idea why mine would not be?





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Hi Chistian,


Ref. 91145819


I have bought a licence this Monday May 2nd after I had already install the trial for a month. I followed  the instructions on the email I received after bying the licence saying I needed to register the key...


But I never received the email with the user account information the system had created for me. Therefore, since Monday I was not able to Register my key licence with the password I was suppose to receive.  I have contacted your support and spoken with Jochen Schafer. He asked if perhaps the email was sent to my spams and my answer was NO. I even added the email address in my contact list to make sure I receive it.


I did not receive any other help what so ever and asked for a reemboursment but Jochen told me he was waiting for a collegue to help him.. this was 2 days ago.


I really would like to receive the informations so that I can register this licence and move on with my life.


Please help me!


Thank you.

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Just today I purchased a new MBO and CPU and my EAM licence stopped working. Who can I contact about this?


EDIT: Never mind. I was entering the code for my old expired licence, and not the current one. The current licence works correctly.

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