Reputation for AMD graphics driver files? [BB, Anti-Malware Network]

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How come files like amdacpusrsvc.exe (MD5: CDD8FE677BF23115D66FB1A141628509) or Fuel.service.exe (MD5: B12D8F8A42080B955D027EE56F5BD1C3) which come as a standard part of an AMD graphics driver installation have an unknown reputation in Emsisoft's Anti-Malware Network? And these are files from the last official 15.7.1. Catalyst driver release, so they've been out at least 6 months now and aren't exactly too fresh to make a proper behavior analysis.


AMD holds between 1/4 and 1/5th of the graphics card market. Are there really not enough Emsisoft users with AMD hardware to form a valid reputation for these files?


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The cloud only learns about files that are suspicious to begin with. That means, files that trigger a behavior detection. If files never trigger any behavior detection, which for these is the case, then we will never learn about them, as we do not spy on our customers like other companies do and just report everything we see, suspicious or not, back to our servers.

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