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Command-Line Switches - 2 Questions

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I have a couple questions about command-line options:


1- Is there a way to have EEK prompt for action after a scan? I know that there are options to either quarantine or delete detected items, but am wanting to know if there is an option to prompt.


2- Is there a way have EEK write a log only in the instance that it finds malware, and no other times?


Much appreciation for this excellent product  :ph34r:

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A2CMD doesn't have the option to ask what to do about infected files after a scan, and it doesn't have the option to only log if malware is found. Here's the full documentation if you haven't already seen it:

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v.
(C) 2003-2015 Emsisoft - www.emsisoft.com

a2cmd.exe [path] | [parameters]

Scan parameters (can be used together):

   /f=[], /files=[path]   Scan files. Full path to file or folder required
   /quick                 Scans all active programs, Spyware Traces and
   /malware               Good and fast result, but only important folders will
                          be scanned
   /rk, /rootkits         Scan for active Rootkits
   /m,  /memory           Scan Memory for active Malware
   /t,  /traces           Scan for Spyware Traces

   /fh=[handle] /pid=[PID]            Scan file by handle. Process ID of the
                                      handle is required
   /b=[pointer] /bs=[size] /pid=[PID] Scan buffer. Buffer size and process ID
                                      are required

Scan settings parameters (used with scan parameters):

   /pup           Alert Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)
   /a, /archive   Scan in compressed archives (zip, rar, cab)
   /n, /ntfs      Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams
   /ac, /advancedcaching       Use advanced caching
   /dda, /directdiskaccess     Use direct disk access
   /l=[], /log=[filepath]      Save a logfile in UNICODE format
   /la=[], /logansi=[filepath] Save a logfile in ANSI format
   /x=[], /ext=[list]          Scan only specified file extensions, comma
   /xe=[], /extexclude=[list]  Scan all except the specified file extensions
   /wl=[], /whitelist=[file]   Load whitelist items from the file
   /d,     /delete             Delete found objects including references
   /dq,    /deletequick        Delete found objects quickly
   /q=[], /quarantine=[folder] Put found Malware into Quarantine
   /rebootallowed              Allows automatic OS restart, if this is required
                               to remove found treats/objects

Malware handling parameters (standalone parameters):

   /ql, /quarantinelist            List all quarantined items
   /qr=[], /quarantinerestore=[n]  Restore the item number n of the quarantine
   /qd=[], /quarantinedelete=[n]   Delete the item number n of the quarantine

Update settings parameters:

   /u, /update                Update Malware signatures
   /updatefeed=<feed>         Update from specified update feed
                              Applicable only to standalone a2cmd package.
   /proxy=[proxyname:port]    Proxy address and port number
   /proxyuser=[username]      Proxy user name
   /proxypassword=[password]  Proxy user password

General parameters:

   /?, /help            Show help message

Result codes:

   0 - No infections were found
   1 - Infections were found
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