Problem in W8.1 Control Panel - Notification Icons...

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I just installed EIS having clean uninstalled EAM & OA a few hours earlier.


When I logged in to my non-admin id, there was no EIS icon on the systray so I went to Control Panel -

Notifications... to configure that.   That's not a problem.


But while I was doing that I noticed at the bottom of the list of known creators of systray icons, two entries

which I'm sure should not have been there - a2guard.exe   and  oaui.exe.     Even more surprising they

were displayed alongside icons that belong to other apps - a2guard with the icon for a desktop reminder

program I use, and oaui with a Dropbox icon.   See screenshot.


I would have expected the uninstall of EAM and OA to have removed from wherever this list of icons is

kept, the entries for a2guard.exe   and  oaui.exe.   If it didn't, is that a W8.1 problem, or something

wrong in your uninstaller?


(I can sort of see that the misaligned icons is perhaps a W8.1 issue.)

Download Image

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Ah, I see stapp already took care of this one. ;)

The Windows icon cache has been a bit glitchy for a while. I can't remember if it used to be any worse, but I do know that it can be particularly bad on Windows 7 at times. I doubt Microsoft ever bothered fixing it, since it's rather intermittent, and probably difficult to debug.

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