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a2framework.dll is missing


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PE? As in a bootable disk? EEK isn't intended to run from bootable disks, and while it may run from a UBCD4Win disk please note that its System File protection and certain detection mechanisms will be useless, so not only will its detection be limited but it could also damage the system.

We highly recommend never running EEK from a bootable disk (the same goes with hooking an infected hard drive to a clean computer to scan it).

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We don't intend for any of our programs to run from bootable CD's or bootable USB drives. Using them in this way can cause damage to the system. If you can't get logged in to the system, then try Safe Mode With Command Prompt, and if you can get it to boot to the Command Prompt then execute explorer.exe to load Windows Explorer and the desktop, and you can run EEK from there. If that doesn't work, then boot from your Windows PE disk and look in profile folders and system folders for new files/folders (sort by date modified) with apparently random names, and rename them (do not delete them yet as you may need to restore them if there are issues) and then try to boot the system.

Here's examples of some folders you can try looking for them in:

If you can access the Internet from the Windows PE disk, then you can try uploading any suspect files to VirusTotal for a quick analysis. Keep in mind that VirusTotal's results do not always guarantee that a file is safe or dangerous, and you may need to do more research on your own to verify the safety of a file.

Also, keep a lookout for any files with odd created or last modified dates. Sometimes malware will forge those dates in order to try to fool security software or people who are trying to clean a computer, and you can see some pretty strange dates (both in the future and in the past) due to this. Anything with really odd dates, especially when those dates are impossible, should be considered suspicious, although keep in mind that filesystem corruption/damage can also cause problems with created/modified dates on files.

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