Emsisoft have not Cloud ?

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Hi , have Emsisoft Cloud protection? ( mmm, something like cloud is my mean, for example when we extract files that files check Automatic from anti-malware network... )


i ask from a malware research and he say Emsisoft haven't and if that have , will be heavy...

 but why heavy? i dont think that will be heavy  :huh:


( sorry for my english , i'm using google translate )

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We use our "Anti-Malware Network" for verifying the safety of running programs. It is not a cloud database for scanning files, but rather an optional system that includes data on whether other users chose to allow or block a program when an alert was shown. Its only purpose is to aid in automating decisions of the Behavior Blocker, in order to reduce the number of alerts that people see.

Anything that can be contained in a cloud database can be included in a downloaded database. The only advantage to a cloud database would be the server hosting the database would (in theory) always be scanning with the latest database. That being said, if you download updates before scanning, then there shouldn't be a significant difference between a cloud database and a database that is stored locally.

Also, keep in mind that cloud databases don't contain as much information as a database that you download. In order to maintain privacy, your files are not actually uploaded to a server to be scanned by a cloud database. What actually happens is the scanner generates hashes (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, etc) and then sends those hashes and some basic file information (file name, full path to the file, digital signature, etc) and the server then compares that against their database. Since a cloud-based scanning system doesn't have direct access to the files, there are certain types of infections they are incapable of detecting (such as file infectors).

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