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strange message with EAM

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First, running win 7 x64, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware V


Yesterday, my desktop computer wouldn't get past POST and load windows so i had to clone my backup copy of the OS drive back to it. For whatever reason, the windows software glitch returned and i had to clone back to the OS drive a 2nd time, but on the 2nd clone back, all was well except for a message from emsisoft AM asking me to select which license i wished to select ( i had purchased two licenses in 8/2015) - both are still showing expiration of 8/2017. When i selected the desktop license, i got the message "Mapping limit for this key  reached for today. Please try again in 24 hours or enter another license key". Problem is that today i got the same message.


I tried un-installing and re-installing EAM and same result.



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