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Are referring to something like the old avast! feature where the computer would restart, and then pause in the middle of startup to begin a full system scan? We don't currently have any feature like that. It might be possible to simulate it with the Windows Task Scheduler, however I don't recommend trying this (we haven't tested it and there would more than likely be no visible output while scanning, so you'd have to idea when the scan was done or if it had gotten hung up on something).

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Yes, like Avast.  Thank you, Aura. I apologize for not finding that thread sooner.  I will enable that feature.  In that thread, someone mentioned a CLI option.  Could one use a boot disk to boot to dos, and run a batch file?  Does the CLI have real-time progress with user interaction?  I will read up on the CLI interface.

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Our Commandline Scanner (a2cmd.exe) does not work in DOS, and is not intended to run from a boot disk.

A2CMD does show scan progress, however it does not have user interaction.

Here's the contents of the help file for how to use A2CMD:

a2cmd.exe [path] | [parameters]

Scan types (can be used together):

   /f=[], /files=[path]   Scan files. Full path to file or folder required
   /quick                 Scans all active programs, Spyware Traces and
   /malware               Good and fast result, but only important folders will
                          be scanned
   /rk, /rootkits         Scan for active Rootkits
   /m,  /memory           Scan Memory for active Malware
   /t,  /traces           Scan for Spyware Traces

   /fh=[handle] /pid=[PID]            Scan file by handle. Process ID of the
                                      handle is required
   /b=[pointer] /bs=[size] /pid=[PID] Scan buffer. Buffer size and process ID
                                      are required

Scan settings (used with scan types):

   /pup           Alert Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)
   /a, /archive   Scan in compressed archives (zip, rar, cab)
   /n, /ntfs      Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams
   /ac, /advancedcaching       Use advanced caching
   /dda, /directdiskaccess     Use direct disk access
   /l=[], /log=[filepath]      Save a logfile in UNICODE format
   /la=[], /logansi=[filepath] Save a logfile in ANSI format
   /x=[], /ext=[list]          Scan only specified file extensions, comma
   /xe=[], /extexclude=[list]  Scan all except the specified file extensions
   /wl=[], /whitelist=[file]   Load whitelist items from the file
   /d,     /delete             Delete found objects including references
   /dq,    /deletequick        Delete found objects quickly
   /q=[], /quarantine=[folder] Put found Malware into Quarantine
   /rebootallowed              Allows automatic OS restart, if this is required
                               to remove found threads
   /s, /service   Run scan via windows service and keep the engine loaded

Malware handling (standalone parameters):

   /ql, /quarantinelist            List all quarantined items
   /qr=[], /quarantinerestore=[n]  Restore the item number n of the quarantine
   /qd=[], /quarantinedelete=[n]   Delete the item number n of the quarantine

Online updates:

   /u, /update                Update Malware signatures
   /updatefeed=<feed>         Update from specified update feed
                              Applicable only to standalone a2cmd package.
   /proxy=[proxyname:port]    Proxy address and port number
   /proxyuser=[username]      Proxy user name
   /proxypassword=[password]  Proxy user password

General commands:

   /k=[key], /key=[key] Set license key information (required only once)
   /?, /help            Show help message

Result codes:

   0 - No infections were found
   1 - Infections were found
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