Future end-of-support dates for EIS on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

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I'm one of those people who hung onto XP systems until the very last moment, but now I use a laptop

with W8.1 on it.    I'm contemplating a new desktop system at the moment & am quite likely to put W7

on that, or maybe W8.1.     I tend to think that I will never install W10, because of all the snooping it

does (though I'm aware that W8.1 has quite a lot of that too).


Part of my decision on what to install is obviously down to the Microsoft planned end-of-life dates

for each OS, as described here:


(I'm puzzled by the fact that this MS webpage sets a very definite end-of-life for W10, despite the

considerable amount of marketing MS have done telling people that W10 is the 'last' version of

Windows they'll ever need.  What's going to happen after that date?)


I'm also wondering what you plan to do about ending support for W7 and W8.1?


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It's normal for Windows versions to have a life-cycle of 10 years. Microsoft is apparently not saying what will come after Windows 10, but they set the end of support date back in July, and there are a few articles about it out there. It's not quit what we expected from the advertising hype, but then again marketing isn't intended to introduce you to the successor of what they are trying to sell.

We don't have any concrete plans for end of support for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. How our policy there develops really just depends on how Microsoft handles security updates for those platforms.

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