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is normal my EIS memory usage?

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Hello,  there is 5 days i found out my EIS protection service use about 60-70 mb of my memory .


but before that , every time i checked my EIS memory usage was about 2-8 mb !


am i infected? or it's normal !? or unormal ? or something else? :D


Thank You

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The question and situation is way too common (and insignificant). It could be anything. There's no way to answer this with a definitive answer so I'll just tell you this: it looks normal to me.

Simple as that.

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Look at the first picture. I have disabled Memory optimization. I have a lot of idle RAM. thats why Emsisoft is welcome to use it. The application start extra quick, etc...

But when I turn on Memory optimization is looks like this. Look to picture 2.

My pc has 12GB RAM.


Afcourse this is Anti-Malware. Internet security will be using a bit more RAM because of the Firewall.



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Memory usage varies based on whether or not EIS needs to use parts of its anti-virus databases. In order to save memory, we automatically offload unused parts of the database into the pagefile. Of course, when EIS tries to use something from the database in the course of running its real-time protection, Windows automatically moves it back into RAM so that it can be used.

It's normal for the memory usage to be higher when multiple programs are open, and it's also fairly normal for it to be higher during Windows startup/login.

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