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Is it possible to disable simulated mouse keyboard warning?

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As per the title, is it possible to disable the simulate mouse and keyboard warning globally rather than on a per program basis?  I'm currently trialling this and unlike most of the more well known products, yours isn't actually breaking my system or doing things that annoy me worse than any virus I've ever had!


I'm quite a serious gamer though and this message comes up quite frequently as it sees certain games for the first time.  Not a deal breaker since I can tell it to allows allow the game in the future but a little annoyance I'd like rid of if I can help it and I can;t see a setting to do so.



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Our software no longer has the ability to enable/disable monitoring for specific behaviors globally.

Are the games in question Steam/Origin/uPlay games? If so, you can just add the folder that all of the games are saved in to the whitelist, and it will never alert you for things that run out of those folders again.

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