emsosoft for win server with firewall and protection layers

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The only effective anti-DDoS protection is something like CloudFlare or some other online service that filters attempts to connect to your server (there are alternatives to CloudFlare, and I only mentioned it since it is a popular service). Once the traffic is hitting the server, even if you are dropping the packets (which is what a firewall does), it's still eating up your bandwidth and can essentially "clog" the line with too many requests from too many sources, or worse yet overload the routers that are handling the traffic (my server will occasionally go down simply because another server connected to the same router is being DDoS attacked, and the router can't handle it).

If you contact our corporate sales team (corporatesales@emsisoft.com), then they can let you know if we currently sell Emsisoft Internet Security for servers. We don't sell EIS for servers on our website at the moment, and it's not really recommended to use it on servers. A hardware firewall device from a company like Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, etc. is usually a better solution for protecting a server, and especially a business infrastructure (assuming that's what you're working with).

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