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Auto_locky not working


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Hello Kylee,

I am sorry to hear about this. To determine what variant you are facing and whether or not decryption is possible, can you please tell me how encrypted files look (what names do they have) and what the name and content of the ransom notes is? 

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Dear Elise,


Please assist all my documents encrypted file name as *.locky


e.g. D0B18A6D5337BFA681F138149CB027F9.locky




            !!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!!!

All of your files are encrypted with RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers.
More information about the RSA and AES can be found here:
Decrypting of your files is only possible with the private key and decrypt program, which is on our secret server.
To receive your private key follow one of the links:
    1. http://32kl2rwsjvqjeui7.tor2web.org/D0B18A6D5337BFA6
    2. http://32kl2rwsjvqjeui7.onion.to/D0B18A6D5337BFA6
    3. http://32kl2rwsjvqjeui7.onion.cab/D0B18A6D5337BFA6

If all of this addresses are not available, follow these steps:
    1. Download and install Tor Browser: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html
    2. After a successful installation, run the browser and wait for initialization.
    3. Type in the address bar: 32kl2rwsjvqjeui7.onion/D0B18A6D5337BFA6
    4. Follow the instructions on the site.

!!! Your personal identification ID: D0B18A6D5337BFA6 !!!



Thank you,

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Unfortunately decryption is not possible for this variant. I can help you remove any active component of the infection, but due to the way this malware encrypts files, there is nothing we can do about the affected files.

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