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PC locked down Infection. Recycle bin corrupt, would you like to empty recycle bin now?

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I have found one other request for this problem on your support forum.

While setting up my 'new-to-me' laptop I have run into a bad nasty problem. My other laptop bit the dust and in the world of computing etiquette the 64bit Windows 7 laptop went through the factory reset option.

First thing I installed of course was my emsisoft. I still have to switch the licenses over. Emsisoft went to work and found an infection and quarantined it on the first run. After that all hell broke loose. I cannot use a browser anymore, I cannot search the pc, event viewer simply will not work, and task manager cannot end any tasks, windows up date won't work. The laptop simply hangs with these types of executions. I have had some diagnostic tools on a flash and transferred them to this pc to try and solve this problem.

The first thing that happens when the laptop is started up is to faithfully, every time, give me a warning that:

"The recycle bin is corrupt. Would you like to empty the recycle bin now?"

1). I know the drill, and;

2). I need help to run EEK and FRST so I can get this party started;

3). I need help to get those reports to you as well, but get them to you without having to save them to a flash drive and possibly infecting someone else's computer.

My end goal was, and still is, to satsify all Windows 7 updates and then upgrade it to Windows 10. Although it is new to me, it was working before the reset, as I have used it in the past before my father gave it to me.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. My next pc will be a MAC and I have started saving already!

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Hi Momadice,

This sounds like a hardware issue more than malware. Just to be sure, could you type over the line from the Emsisoft scan log that found the infection? Just the infection name and path are enough, no need for the rest of the log. Based on what that says, you can just transfer logs to a flashdrive.

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I just found my iso for win 10. I am going to do a clean install of win 10 on this laptop. This will eliminate the hours of win 7 updates and I will put my emsisoft on it and see what happens from there. That will certainly save a lot of time on your part and mine. Hopefully you do not hear from me.

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