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Importing Hosts Files

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In latest version of EIS the browse button for importing hosts files is not working in Surf Protection. You must manually type in the path to the hosts file on your computer. You can then click on the "add" button and add a hosts blocking file. It is only the browse button that is not working. I am using W7 Pro SP1 x64.

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I can confirm the same issue in EAM.

Browse button does not open search window.


Same problem happens to me at Add new Application rule window, Whitelist, Import setting, Add file to Quarantine...


EDIT: I am going to open trouble ticket.

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The browse button opened the file selection dialog when I clicked on it. Does the issue persist after restarting the computer?

Working this morning. Yes I rebooted after program update and did not work. Fixed today however.

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OK. Let me know if it happens again.

In Surf Protection browse button for importing hosts rules not working again today. If I type in path indicates cannot find. Also in Settings Import button not working either. Using EIS

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You have to end a2start.exe process in Task Manager (first disable Emsi self protection in Settings) and then open GUI again.

That did it for me but only in current Windows session.


They are aware of the problem and hopefully working on it.

At the end, until it is fixed, I suggest to turn on self protection again.

Better safe than sorry... ;)

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