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windows 10 home x64, all updates installed

EIS , windows firewall as a service only, WinPatrol, WinPrivacy, WinAntiRansom, Spywareblaster. 

Installed but only run on occasion: Lavasoft Ad-Aware, malwareBytes antimalware . ( neither runs any processes in the background )


I understand from earlier posts that offline mode was broken, and i have been unable to locate any current info, but Offline mode is not working correctly for me.


When I set 'enter Offline mode' initially it works fine, But then I get a series of three WLAN-AutoConfig errors.  Errors are basically same, with differing CODE data. Afterwards, EIS still shows offline staus on taskbar icon, but internet connectivity is no longer being blocked.  


my concern is this: if eis thinks nothing is connecting to internet, then is it still protecting me when a connection is made ?

I can use other methods, ie disconnecting from wifi or airplane mode to stop connectivity, but usually I have to restart computer to get it turned back on. Offline mode is much more convenient, but how can I stop WLAN  Autoconfig from overriding the EIS block?


Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig
Date:          5/19/2016 7:41:42 PM
Event ID:      4003
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      (536870912)
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      TOSH2-7CVOS59
WLAN AutoConfig detected limit connectivity, performing Reset/Recover.adapter.
 Code: 1 0xC 0x4
Event Xml:
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig" Guid="{9580D7DD-0379-4658-9870-D5BE7D52D6DE}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-05-20T00:41:42.336289000Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="976" ThreadID="4548" />
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
    <Data Name="ErrorCode">1</Data>
    <Data Name="Reason">0xc</Data>
    <Data Name="IpFamily">0x4</Data>
    <Data Name="PortType">0x1</Data>
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Lets try getting some debug logs:

  • Open Emsisoft Internet Security from the icon on your desktop.
  • In the 4 little gray boxes at the bottom, move your mouse into the one that says Support, and click anywhere in that gray box.
  • At the bottom, turn on the option that says Enable advanced debug logging.
  • Either click on Overview in the menu at the top, or close the Emsisoft Internet Security window.
  • Reproduce the issue you are having with the Offline Mode.
  • Once you have reproduced the issue, open Emsisoft Internet Security again, and click on the gray box for Support again.
  • Click on the button that says Send an email.
  • Select the logs in the left that show today's dates.
  • Fill in the e-mail contact form with your name, your e-mail address, and a description of what the logs are for (if possible please leave a link to the topic on the forums that the logs are related to in your message).
  • If you have any screenshots or another file that you need to send with the logs, then you can click the Attach file button at the bottom (only one file can be attached at a time).
  • Click on Send now at the bottom once you are ready to send the logs.
Important: Please be sure to turn debug logging back off after sending us the logs. There are some negative effects to having debug logging turned on, such as reduced performance and wasting hard drive space, and it is not recommended to leave debug logging turned on for a long period of time unless it is necessary to collect debug logs.

Please note that if you have a lot of debugs logs, then you should not send all of them. There is a size limit, and currently there is no error if the message is rejected due to the size being too large. Normally we only need one copy of the 4 or 5 different logs that have been saved after the time you reproduced the issue (the list shows what time each log was saved). Those logs have the following names:

  • Security Center
  • Protection Service
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Firewall
  • Logs database (contains the logs you can view in Emsisoft Internet Security by clicking on Logs at the top of the window).
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Thank you, sir , for your help. I sent the logs as requested last night.( I forgot to copy the link to the post so I that was not included.)

Recreating the issue only takes about 3 minutes, and I attempted and successfully connected one Internet dependent  app during enabled Offline mode, and then sent the data. 

I hope that is sufficient

I run an animal rescue, and things get crazy frequently, so I sometimes have trouble finding time do for this kinda stuff- so bear with me. I really appreciate your help.


I have been contacted by email, and was advised to note that here>> so noted! 


Thanks to any and all for your efforts.

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