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Rite now I am using norton 360. It is great for viruses but no so much for malware.

What emsisoft product would anyone recomend? My norton expires in August 2016.

I don't want to down load and pay for just anti-malware and then again for a security suite.

Can I run both norton and emsisoft together?

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Our "anti-malware" is a full anti-virus software. We use the term "malware" instead of "virus" since it is more accurate (only a small percentage of infections these days are actually viruses, so anti-virus must protect against a lot more than what the name implies). It includes two anti-virus engines, one which we created and maintain ourselves, plus the one from BitDefender. You shouldn't need any other software to complement it.

If you want a full Internet Security which includes a firewall, then we also have Emsisoft Internet Security.

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