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The PC of our Graphics Designer has been infected by a malware, which has " Encrypted" Most of the files with the cryp1 file name.

I have provided all the information required for a support reply. Can you guide us how to Decrypt the files using one of your Decrypters?

I could not find out which one of the Decrypters I should use.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation 

And Send you regards from all the employees of our Company.


Milad Haghighi



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Your infection is a variant of CryptXXX 3.0. It uses a strong encryption algorithm (RSA 2048) which is unbreakable. Currently it is not possible to decrypt the encrypted files.

The logs for this system indicate that the copies of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 and Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, installed on this system, are not properly licensed and activated.

You will be required to either license of uninstall both programs before any further assistance is given.

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