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An unexpected internal processing error occurred

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EIS, W8.1 64bit


I've been browsing a lot today and memory use had got very high, so it was time for a restart.  Just before doing that I

logged out of my normal userid and in as my Admin one (to do something I need to do for each userid every so often).

While there, EIS popped-up an alert saying

   "An unexpected internal processing error occurred. Please contact the support team."

The Security Overview screen showed no errors.


I did the restart I was planning to do; now I'm logged back in as the day-to-day user.   The update log's most recent

entry has an entry saying "connection error" which when expanded says:


  General Information:

Update started: 04/06/2016 17:59:54
Update ended: 04/06/2016 17:59:55
Time elapsed: 0:00:01

Connection error

Detailed Information:

0 modules, 0 bytes


I've triggered a manual update which worked fine.


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The Internal Processing Error is usually caused when there was an unexpected problem trying to connect to our servers (such as when checking for updates or when verifying the safety of a running program with our Anti-Malware Network). This can be caused by Internet connection problems, and it can also be caused when another program on your computer is interfering with the update process.

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Having logged out of the busy userid and in as the admin one, nothing (that I'd choose to start) was running.  Is there any chance of you guys changing the (basically useless)

error message so that it gives some sort of clue to what went wrong - a resolver problem, a funny status code from your server, or whatever?


Anyway... isn't the only thing on the machine that should be capable of interfering with connectivity... EIS?

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Well, shouldn't it still give some sort of clue as to what/where the error was?


Actually I had another instance of that error message last night, about ten seconds before the machine

froze, out of memory.  But that's a matter for the memory-use discussion, when I next update it.

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Well, shouldn't it still give some sort of clue as to what/where the error was?

Most of the time the error message just means there was a temporary issue in TCP communication with the server EIS was connected to. Something that can corrupt data, or cause it to be incomplete, which causes an error processing it. Anything more than that would be in debug logs, however we almost never need to ask for logs for this error message since it is almost always just a temporary communications issue.

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