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Database backups?

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I have my Database tab set to keep 30 daily backups.


But I just noted, while checking disk usage with Treesize, that C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\Backup had backups going back 6 months to when I first installed the program to test.


Is this actually a "live" setting, or during the beta, is this just a placeholder GUI element?


Thanks for any info




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Hi John,

Although it's been a while since the last reply on this thread, maybe you'll find useful the latest Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2017.3 version. It contains couple of fixes for the large log files and database backups - you can check the release notes here: http://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2017/03/31/emsisoft-enterprise-console-2017-3-released/



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