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Emsisoft Enterprise Console 11.8 Features

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in 11.8 are new features put where can I find it ?


New: Button to update policies on clients immediately.


I only see on the Clients Tab under Computer Polices a new [edited] behind the police name, what does it mean ?




And under Policies - computer settings - Password - 

I have it active and use a password but eam do not ask for a password on the clients.





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Hi Zwergenmeister,


As soon as you edit a policy you will notice the sync button as indicated in the attached screenprint.

When you click it, the policies will be pushed to the clients instantly.


Regarding the policies admin password: we are investigating this currently






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Hi Zwergenmeister,


That is an indicator for changed (edited) settings on the client side,  i.e. differ from the policies as set in EEC.

We might implement a list that shows the differences in a future EEC release,..



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