Firewall Rule: Set a Time Limit for Allowed/Blocked connections.

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It would be a great new feature to allow users to Allow or Block

a connection for a specific amount of time.


Because sometimes, you really only just need a programs connections

to be allowed or blocked when it initially starts.


I have several programs that could benefit from this feature

and I think would integrate well with the "Firewall Rules" dialog.

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In addition, its too bad, the connection couldn't also be "Allowed" for a brief interval too.


for example, once the program runs, every 2 minutes, allow the connection for 30 seconds.


this way, the connection isn't on all the time, but by giving it a gap of 30 seconds, it might

allow the program to send a "keep-alive" status.


I think this would give us a lot of flexibility, and get creative for specific programs.

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