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Hello, I am having the same problem. Installed EAM, typed the key but at some point the key turned into another key that we don't recognise. Also it looked as it was valid for 30000 days or something like that, obviously a bug...

I typed in again the key but next day the key switched once more. I decided to uninstall EAM and install it again but now I am getting a message about a recovery key. We are resellers (signed up on the website) but haven't been contacted by Davlat Aminov. What should we do?


Thanks in advance.

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Try uninstalling again, restart the computer twice, and then download Emsiclean from this link (be sure to save it on your desktop), and follow the instructions below to get me a log:

  • Run the Emsiclean download that you saved on your desktop.
  • Read the disclaimer. Note that you must agree to it in order to proceed.
  • Once the scan is finished, simply exit Emsiclean, and do not remove anything.
  • A new file will be saved on your desktop with a log of what was detected. Please attach that to a reply by using the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply.

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In this case it's OK to have removed everything.

You can go ahead and reinstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Please use either this link or this link (whichever works better) to download the installer. We don't recommend using old copies of our installer (we rebundle it daily).

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