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EIS Sudden Change License?

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Emsisoft Internet Security and Emsisoft Anti-Malware will generate a unique ID ("Machine Key" or "Machine ID") that our license and update system uses to identify your computer. Hard drives (or at least certain information about them) are used in creating the Machine Key for your computer. If the hard drives connected to the computer change, then a new Machine Key will be generated, and the next time updates are downloaded the license will be remapped since the Machine Key is different. If a license is remapped 5 times in a day, then it gets locked out from being remapped again in our system, which could easily cause the issue you are experiencing (assuming it switched to the free trial due to being unable to remap the license key).

Hard drives connected to the computer via USB are ignored when generating the Machine Key, as are NAS drives, so we recommend connecting backup drives via one of these two methods instead of using SATA/eSATA. Obviously USB hard drive enclosures are cheaper than NAS, and access/transfer speeds should be faster with USB, so that might be the best place to start.



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Simple answer yes. Physical, network, and virtual.

If you do this several times a day, then this will cause your license to remap, and a license can only be remapped up to 5 times in a day before it gets locked out from being remapped for 24-hours in our License Center. Network drives shouldn't apply, however SATA and IDE drives do apply. USB is ignored so that USB drives won't cause license remapping, and some virtual drive solutions are ignored (BestCrypt virtual drives for instance) however there are more than likely some types of virtual drives that will still cause license remapping.

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