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Lets try getting a log from FRST, and see if it shows the cause of the issue. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) from one of the following links, and save it to your Desktop (please note that some web browsers will automatically save all downloads in your 'Downloads' folder, so in those cases please move the download to your desktop):

For 32-bit (x86) editions of Windows:


For 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows:


Note: You need to run the version compatible with your computer. If you are not sure which version applies to your computer, then download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your computer, and that will be the right version.

1. Run the FRST download that works on your computer.

2. When the tool opens click "Yes" for the disclaimer in order to continue using FRST.

3. Press the 'Scan' button.

4. When the scan is done, it will save a log as a Text Document named 'FRST' in the same place the tool was run from (if you had saved FRST on your desktop, then the 'FRST' log will be saved there).

5. Please attach the "FRST.txt" log file to a reply (it is best if you do not copy and paste it into an e-mail).

6. The first time the FRST tool is run it saves another log (a Text Document named 'Addition' - also located in the same place as the FRST tool was run from). Please also attach that log file along with the 'FRST' log file to your reply.

If you are not used to attaching files to e-mails, then just look for a button in the toolbar above where you write your message that has a paperclip icon, and that should be the attachment button.

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Please download the following fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop:


NOTE: It's important that both files, the FRST download from earlier and the fixlist file, are in the same location or the fix will not work. If you need to, please copy the files from your Downloads folder to your desktop.

  • Run the FRST download from earlier, and press the Fix button just once and wait.
  • If for some reason the tool needs to restart your computer, please make sure you let the computer restart normally. After that let the tool complete anything it still needs to do.
  • When finished FRST will generate a log on the Desktop (Fixlog). Please attach it to a reply.
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Has that had any effect on the issue? If not, then try the following:

  • Uninstall Emsisoft Internet Security.
  • Restart your computer twice.
  • Download and reinstall Emsisoft Internet Security from this link.
You can use this link to download from if you have trouble with the link above.
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I wouldn't expect the fixlist I posted earlier to work on more than one computer. If you have another computer with the same issue, then I recommend getting FRST logs from it, and posting them as well so that I can write a new fixlist for it.

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