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I just purchased a new license for EIS and I understand that the license is valid for 1 year. I plan to use this on my laptop which is currently running a different AV. As I still have two months paid license on this, I wonder if the 12-months for the new EIS license starts from the day of purchase or installation/activation. I am not using the laptop very often but will travel later this year and at that stage would like to enjoy the benefit of the new license without having used up already several months beforehand without much need.

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Dear Eddie,


Thank you for contacting our support.


The license code which you've received is inactive right now. The license time will start running once you've used it to unlock the full version of Emsisoft Internet Security on a computer or registered it in an account in our license center.


So you can keep using your current AV and once the payed license expired you can uninstall it, install Emsisoft Internet Security and activate protection for a full year with your license key.


However, we would be happy if you switch right now. So if you might would want to send me the invoice or another similar document from the last order from your third party AV I would be more then glad to add the remaining two month on top of your Emsisoft license so that you end up with a 14 month license key and don't waste payed license time.


You might want to send me the info as PM here in the forum. You can place your mouse cursor over my Avatar/Photo to the left of this text, you should then be able to choose "Send message" form the pop-up that appears.


If we can assist any further please do not hesitate to contact us.

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