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anti-malware 5

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in the post about the new "anti-malware 5" program, it says that it has a new "guard" with an option for flagging files when they are downloaded etc.. is this another way of saying that "anti-malware 5" has the option of functioning as an antivirus program, in addtion to what the old version did?

since "anti-malware 5" uses the ikarus definitions, i was thinking that it would be good if "anti-malware 5" did function as a antivirus program, if emsisoft was allowed to use the ikarus definitions for that purpose..

does anyone know if emsisoft patched the hole in emsisoft's program where it would not flag trojans, based on their behavior, when they would try to gain "low-level keyboard access", to capture keystrokes?

i use "system safety monitor" which blocks "low-level keyboard access", so it protects me from key-logging trojans, and i know that "online armor" blocks "low-level keyboard access", so people who use it are protected as well..

i would imagine that several other programs block low-level keyboard access as well, like maybe "zone alarm" or the comodo firewall..

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