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There's a switch (/c) to enable cookies scan.

Is there a switch to disable it?

I mean, if I use the /quick option, cookies scan is automatically enabled, but I never want to scan cookies at all.

Other than that, maybe putting "cookies" in the whitelist would do the same, but I don't think this would work, yes?

Thanks for the great free product!

Best regards,

François Blais

Québec, Canada

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Hi francois, welcome to the forum

You are right - the Quick Scan (whether it's used in CLS or in GUI version) will always scan Cookies, since that is a predefined type of scan.

You can use the disk or folder (s) scan where you don't pass /c parameter

(as in example from a2cmd_readme.txt)


as it is recommended anyway, before any scan of the substantial size – just clean cookies.

You can use your browser feature for that or Tools like CCleaner.

When using the latter you can customize it and those cookies that you don't want to clean will be saved

Anyway the cookies scan doesn't take long time.

It is just better to clean then prior to the scan so Trace.Tracking Cookies do not appear and clutter the report

But if you think that the option like /-c (minus :) ) would be helpful please post that to the developers as part of a Wish List

My regards

p.s. as for putting cookies in the white list - that most likely not working idea indeed, since despite there are some default folders for different browsers - those folders can contain other data; then many programs may place cookies in the different specific locations; etc.

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But if you think that the option like /-c (minus :) ) would be helpful please post that to the developers as part of a Wish List

Thanks, Lynx.

Your suggestion (/-c) is great!

I didn't find any Wish List thread, so can you please tell me where/how to make the suggestion?

Best regards, and thanks again,


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Thanks for reply, François

1st there is no Wish List thread. The decision about such thread wasn't made yet

Then, developers are reading every discussion. Many suggestions made by users were implemented because of that. CLS is not an exception, say the Result Code was introduced this way.

As for this particular parameter, well, there was a smiley :). I personally don't think that it is necessary (see below). By posting I meant the contacts if you want that you can find in Service & Support section

Speaking of this particular function...

From my experience – you don't often use the Quick Scan with CLS. Sure, that's helpful to get a brief picture & find out whether there are real troubles straight away.

In this case, considering preliminary clean up procedures – scanning the cookies as a default – will not take a lot of time & most importantly - will not create unneeded entries (if any ) in the report file.

As for other type of scans, when using CLS you mainly creating you own Custom Scans

- as many as you want;

- passing any set of parameters;

- if those are “all possible” set of params – that is the deep scan of the area you are checking;

- if some are omitted – that is you choice again. Say, you may never scan archive especially if those are your own passworded archives – scanning the latter is just waste of time (any given security will not be able to analyze them, but there will be multiple attempts to open them)... etc.;

- you are rather creating those custom scans and analyzing the Result Code. You save the report and brunching you batch file or the script based on that Code. If there are no flaggings you can go further, e.g. backup tested (disk/folders set) or do other actions. If there were detections - you “just jump to” different branch and will analyze the report(s) later & investigate the detections...

The main point here – in all those Custom Scans you can use all or any requited set of parameters but just never include (omit) /C and that is mainly it … meaning that the introduction /-c is not required

That's how I see it

My regards

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