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Hi, nolob, welcome to the forum

Can you provide a little more information, please? The last part of the scan seems to allow the program to communicate with EMSIsoft's servers - so it would seem that something is happening here. Has the scan worked in the past? What is your resident anti-virus program and have you configured it to ignore malaware.exe? I just ran it in a domain environment protected by Sophos Endpoint Security and the program ran without a hitch. Which operating system are you using?

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I guess it is still supported. was just released :D

I had left it at 99% for a while but not long enough. It stays at 99% for 9 minutes then completes. (The online look-up starts at 91% and sails through to 99%) This is the same for the last version and the latest version.

I ran it once before, a few months ago and I believe it completed fine (I intend to use it regularly from now on). At the time I had NIS2010 and DSL. Now I have NIS2011 Beta and mobile broadband. Firewall component in Norton is set to Allow and I excluded it from all scans.

I am using Windows 7.

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