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Mamutu Updated to v3!

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Hi Guys,

I was using Mamutu v. (beta accepted) on XP Pro

Today there was eventually awaited auto-update to version 3

Mamutu_v3_auto-update.jpg That went smoothly

I left all settings and rules "as is"

{edit} unchecking "Install beta updates" was my mistake. That should not be done (see posts #4 & especially #6 with the reference to the announcement by Fabian Wosar)

Thanks EmsiSoft Team!!!

My regards

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Good to hear to that.What's the improvements

Well, since Mamutu is basically the part of EAM full Suite you mainly should know ;)

At the same time I can see some new interesting stuff as well

It is too early to to make a lot of comments just minutes later after the recent update


p.s. have you personally tried it?

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no since I have EAM installed.
Well I see, Ray

At the same time for everybody else:

regarding my additional post above about beta check-box please read

the announcement by Fabian Wosar that was unavailable yet when the Mamutu was upgraded here (could've been I just missed it :unsure: ... I wasn't in the forum at that time of the upgrade for sure)

The main point - please pay attention to the "text in red"

So far so good. I don't have any problems currently on XP Pro 32bit


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