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acmd.exe usage

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I'm trying to make a2cmd scan only the directories specified but it continues to scan prgram files directory. I have tried using /q and /s but it still scans prgram files. Is there a way to make it only scan the requested directories ???? Thanks


7z x -o%e%\a2 -aoa




start /wait a2\a2cmd /f=%HOMEDRIVE%, %WINDIR%, %WINDIR%\system, %WINDIR%\system32, %WINDIR%\System32\dllcache, %WINDIR%\system32\drivers,%appdata% /t /c /log=%el%\a2cmd.log /x="exe, com, scr, bat, pif, dll, tmp, dat" /d


rd /s /q a2>NUL

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You have %HOMEDRIVE% defined as one of the locations to scan. This corresponds to the driver Windows is installed on (usually C:). So the command line scanner will scan the whole drive.

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I guess the more accurate question is how do I make it not scan sub directories?

Hi isellgum, welcome to the forum

At this moment how it's developed you can create a White List file that includes a list of "unneeded" sub-folders that will be ignored by the scan

and use the parameter e.g.: /WL=SubFoldersToIgnore.txt

It works. It may be not as convenient as required, if there are too many sub-folders under the main directory, but is still helpful a lot when there are many sub-sub-folders further in the directory tree.

It is probably indeed a good idea for the Wish List to have a special additional switch (parameter)

Please ask if you have questions. I prepared simple example with the images and the content of such whitelist file

My regards

p.s. and/or you can look into this recent case ... not necessarily what you are asking for but it touches whitlisting use by CLS (Command Line Scanner)

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