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License info not being saved. 3-day Trial?

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As a reseller, we have installed A-Squared Anti-Malware on numerous customer PC's, and the last couple days we have received calls about people getting a pop-up from A-Squared asking them to register. The registration information was already entered properly and worked for about a week. This seems to happen randomly, and can be a serious problem if this continues, as people who are calling us are not happy about this. It's not even like we can just give them their key to enter or write it down for them, we have to login to our account info remotely to get their key re-entered. The whole experience thus far has been very inconvenient and altogether unprofessional. As a business, I don't understand why we can't just purchase 20 keys, and activate them as we install each copy on a customers PC. A-Squared is an excellent product, which is it's only saving grace because on the business end of things, there are some serious issues. Enough with the bulk coupon codes. Make 1 key for 1 copy, and sell them in packages. (This is also extremely inconvenient because every single key is activated once the coupon code is entered to bring up the multiple keys to select. If it takes a month to activate 10 keys, the last person is only getting an 11 month subscription) I really hope Emsisoft gets their act together before it's too late for such a great product. Please let me know if this issue is already being taken care of, because I doubt our customers are the only people having this problem.

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Hi ComputerMedixInc, welcome to the forum

3-day Trial was mentioned in the title of your request.

There is a confirmed bug regarding the message, but...

... as far as I know, it involves reverting 3-day trial into the "Free Edition", only when that was deliberately chosen by the user.

That will be fixed ASAP as developers said

There were no requests lately regarding entering license key or coupon with the latest EAM v5.0.0.61 whether it is 3-day Trial (no account needed), or 30 days Trial (creating account required), or entering existing key/coupon & refreshing the license

Therefore, if you or your clients, who purchased license keys and/or converting coupons still having the described issue:

1) Have you tried to advise your clients to re-download and re-install the latest Setup available and re-entering the license key/coupon subsequently;

2) Have you tried to contact Emsisoft developers?

Please login into Customer Center or email - see Sales and Licensing and provide all required information.

In addition it would be helpful to mention at least operating system(s) where the latest EAM is installed and having such problem.

The latter info may help to pinpoint the issue if any with the latest version

My regards

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Hi ComputerMedixInc,

In addition to the above :

Please see the latest beta changelog License expiry bug fixed

Sure, there is no need for your clients switching to beta testing, but the mentioned fix will soon be a part of the stable update

My regards

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