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VLC uninstall fp

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Hello all, just a quick notification that the VLC uninstall.exe is being flaged as Trojan.Win32.TDSS.!IK

Sure this is a fp anyway here`s the Virus Total result My link

I have submitted it via the alert as a fp (not by email) but thought it may get sorted quicker by posting it as well.

Operating system Windows 7 (not tried on XP)no other real time security.



p.s. This review on resource usage doesn`t fair to well towards emsisoft anti-malware Raymond.cc. I know it`s not the be all and end all and i would rather the product catch stuff, but still..... :rolleyes: you`ve seen it :unsure:

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Hi Mattchu,

The FP was fixed already.

My regards


Tried this morning actually on XP before updating - it was flagged as you described , but then updated the signatures - no flaggings

Quite opposite - I could not check on Win7 since using portable version there. But I'm sure you can confirm the fix as well

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