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Unable to start Blitzbank from Start.exe


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Just updated my USB stick from the prior version to the new Emergency Stick set up (which is very nice btw) and i seem to be having a minor problem.

The issue is when you click on the start.exe you get a menu which allows you to run one of the 4 variables for some reason Blitzbank does not wan`t to run from there. I can run it directly from the executable but just not from the menu.

Not sure if anyone else has seen this or it`s just a config thing, just thought i`d let ya`ll know :)

Tried on Windows 7 Home Premium and Pro, might try on XP later, also tried running start.exe as Admin, no difference.

Different security software on each (well none on one).



Didn`t realise i had an XP booted up behind me :unsure: same on that.

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