a2cmd won't scan folder with comma in pathname

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Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 x86,

AVG Anti-virus Free,

Windows Firewall,

a2cmd.exe version (from EEK)

Hi, I'm new here.

I used to use a-squared Free from the right-click context menu but that seems to be unavailable in the Emergency Kit. However, a .bat file can be used to access the Command Line Scanner.

In the process of testing my .bat file it became clear that folders with a comma(,) in the pathname were not scanned. For example:

If a2cmd /f="C:\Some,Folder" is entered on the command line, the scanner opens but no scanning is done.

a2cmd /f="C:\Some Folder" produces a normal scanning report.

The Emergency Kit GUI does scan "C:\Some,Folder" if it is added as a custom scan. That makes me think I have done something incorrectly.

I suppose renaming the folder, running the a2cmd command, and then re-renaming the folder might avoid the problem but that seems too convoluted.

Am I missing something? Please suggest a solution.


btw I tried to search the old forum but kept getting "An Error Occurred In The Database"

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The problem is that the comma is used as a delimiter. So when you call "a2cmd.exe /f=c:\some,folder" the command line scanner tries to scan the folders c:\some and folder. One workaround would be to change the script to actually change into the directory and issue a scan for for the current directory:

pushd "C:\Some,Folder"
a2cmd.exe /f=.

If the directory is a subdirectory of directory without a comma it should get scanned as well when you scan parent directory.

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Thank-you Fabian!

You just set the new World's Record for "Fastest Response in a Forum" and your workaround does solve my problem. As you predicted, any subdirectory with a comma is scanned if its parent directory does not have a comma (even before the workaround). Now, all files in the parent directory and all subdirectories are scanned and commas don't matter anywhere.

Thanks again,


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