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I have been using the previous free version of anti-malaware for some time and have just updated to the new version. As far as I can understand the new version (trial) has an antivirus scanner included (guard) will this cause any issues or conflicts with AVG internet security ? I am running the 8.5 version as my pc only has a 2.3 cpu and 1 gig of ram and version 9 slowed my pc down so much it froze at times.

Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated

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as far as I know there are no known conflicts with Emsisoft Anti-Malware and AVG.

If you notice any problems, please give feedback.

Generally the chance of problems is higher with two signature based (OnAccess) backgroud guards.

Personally I think Mamutu is the better option for your system configuration, it is specifically designed to corporate with existing installed security software. Mamutu includes only the behavior blocker background guard (the same as Emsisoft Anti-Malware), but no signature based guard (File guard).

By the way: You are in the german forum ;)

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