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Why is A-squared free service running?

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I am in Windows 7 64 bit. I occasionally run A Squared Free for spot checks. But I noticed that even when A squared is not running, after a fresh boot, Services shows that "A squared free service" is running and is set to automatic.

I can of course set it to manual or disabled, but why is it running when A S is not running? I can find no configuration option to change this behavior. How can it be changed?


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Hi Anderson2, welcome to the forum

If you are going to use Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM) as on-demand only you can consider Emergency Kit (EEK) - no installation / no service running

Please read reply #4 or all thread if you want

My regards

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Thanks for the quick reply. Seems odd that when you run an app and then shut it down it keeps running its service. It seems from what I read that it cannot be set up to stop the service.

And I assume if I "disable" the service then it would not work at all. Right?

I had not heard of EEK. Where do i get it. Is it the same as EEM but without the running service? Is there a portable EEM as was mentioned in the other thread?

Thanks again.

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...Which is the better free product to use of intermittent scanning, the freeware mode of "Emsisoft Anti-Malware" or the free :Emsisoft Emergency Kit"?
Sorry , Anderson2

I missed this new post (typing at the same time :) )

That is you to decide. Including the fact that you do have "free mode" installed and tested already you can just get EEK; run it straight from Flash Stick and compare

My regards

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