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Several recent threads mentioned the problem of a licence reverting to trial. This must be rare, so rare events need feedback, This is what happened to me:

1. I copied the HDD to an external HHD using the imaging software Casper 8.0. I then completely shut down the laptop. Took out the battery etc. Changed the HDD and rebooted. i thus had a larger HDD, which I then proceeded to partition, so that I can synchronise Data between two computers.


Usually this imaging technique does nothing to the licences of programs. I have done this in the past to recover a computer to a "first good" on a new HDD, then upgrade all the programs etc. The AV usually just protests a bit, then updates a year or more of definitions and versions.


In this case it seems that the change of HDD caused EIS to flip to trial. I noticed it when I got a warning that I had three days left on trial. When I looked in the activation boxes I found the code was already there. What I had to do was to confirm which of my two computers the licence applies to. When I paid for my licences EIS gave me one licence code I can apply to two computers. The benefit is that if I condemn a computer I can withdraw the licence, even retrospectively, and apply it to another. This is a real benefit for which many customers will be grateful.


The licencing problem is very unusual behaviour but once known was easily managed. My guess is that if I had had only once licence, there would not have been a problem. 


I hope this helps others in a similar situation.

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Changing hard drives causes Emsisoft Internet Security to calculate a new Machine Key for your computer (a unique ID that allows Emsisoft Internet Security to tell the difference between different computers). When the Machine Key changes, the license key needs to be remapped. This is supposed to happen transparently, however there may be a bug that is preventing that and causing the license to revert to the free trial by mistake.

If you would be willing to get us some debug logs, then I could make sure that our developers get them so that they could look into this issue. This would require you to put your old hard drive back in (to force another Machine Key change), however if you could connect it as a secondary drive or something to that effect, then that would be enough to do it. You would need to enable debug logging before doing this as well, that way the issue gets saved in the logs. If you want to do that, then here's the instructions for enabling debug logging and sending us the logs:

  • Open Emsisoft Internet Security from the icon on your desktop.
  • In the 4 little gray boxes at the bottom, move your mouse into the one that says Support, and click anywhere in that gray box.
  • At the bottom, turn on the option that says Enable advanced debug logging.
  • Either click on Overview in the menu at the top, or close the Emsisoft Internet Security window.
  • Reproduce the issue you are having.
  • Once you have reproduced the issue, open Emsisoft Internet Security again, and click on the gray box for Support again.
  • Click on the button that says Send an email.
  • Select the logs in the left that show today's dates.
  • Fill in the e-mail contact form with your name, your e-mail address, and a description of what the logs are for (if possible please leave a link to the topic on the forums that the logs are related to in your message).
  • If you have any screenshots or another file that you need to send with the logs, then you can click the Attach file button at the bottom (only one file can be attached at a time).
  • Click on Send now at the bottom once you are ready to send the logs.
Important: Please be sure to turn debug logging back off after sending us the logs. There are some negative effects to having debug logging turned on, such as reduced performance and wasting hard drive space, and it is not recommended to leave debug logging turned on for a long period of time unless it is necessary to collect debug logs.

Please note that if you have a lot of debugs logs, then you should not send all of them. There is a size limit, and currently there is no error if the message is rejected due to the size being too large. Normally we only need one copy of the 4 or 5 different logs that have been saved after the time you reproduced the issue (the list shows what time each log was saved). Those logs have the following names:

  • Security Center
  • Protection Service
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Firewall
  • Logs database (contains the logs you can view in Emsisoft Internet Security by clicking on Logs at the top of the window).

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