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license lost after update

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Windows 10, EIS 6513


EIS popup saying product restart needed. EIS shut down, didn't restart. Reboot of PC hung, had to force hard shutdown. Boot after shutdown appears OK and EIS started but the Security Overview says Trial Period 26 days left. I have a fully paid license with well over 600 days.


Problem solved by re-entering my license key.  Is 6513 the latest version?

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Any change in the connected hard drives (with the exception of USB drives) would trigger a change in the Machine Key, which is a unique ID that EIS uses to identify your computer when verifying license information. The Machine Key changing once or twice isn't a big deal, and the license is supposed to be remapped seamlessly in the background, however there may be a bug right now that is causing EIS to try to revert to the free trial when the Machine Key changes.

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