Perform write access password protection for local file hosting server

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Hello everyone,

I have started to get documented on ransomware and their attack strategies. As I could read most often, the best / first solution is to have backups of important data.

I am thinking about creating a local file server that I will share with other PCs in the house and use also as a media center.

I want this server to be always available (connected) and I thought that, to avoid possible file encryption on the server, it would be useful to implement some write access password protection.

The idea that I have in mind is that the files will always be available in read mode, but to write to the server (anywhere, any existing or new file) a password should be required. it would also be great if write access would be granted for X amount of time after which it expires and requires the password to be typed in again.

Does any Windows functionality provide this? If not, are there any softwares that could do it instead? And, most important question, how effective would this technique be in a worst case scenario (ransomware infection, no solution yet)?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.

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As far as I know Windows does not offer this feature. There might be third-party software, but to be honest I would focus rather on a good backup solution that won't be affected by possible ransomware. Besides having a good security setup this is really a must these days. 


Whether or not password-protected write access would work depends completely on how this is implemented and the type of ransomware. I would not rely on it to be fool proof though.

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