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Fabian: Win AU and EMIS Clarification Needed.

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Hello Fabian :-)


On Wilders there is a post in which you stated:


"(Question you are replying to ) Running Windows 10 AU. Is it OK to run Windows Defender along with EIS?"


(Your Reply) "It is actually impossible to run more than 1 active AV on Windows 10 AU if the application adhere to the Microsoft guidelines, which is what we do. Any attempt to enable Windows Defender will automatically turn EAM off and vice versa."


This is causing some confusion, at least for me.


I don't get it.


You can't enable Windows Defender in AU because it is persistent, i.e., it's on from the start and it can't be tuned off (except for Periodic Scanning).


I am currently running EMIS 11 and it is active, as is Zemana (Watchdog) Antimalware (real time).


If so, that Microsoft was forcing peeps to rely soley on Windows Defender, this would seem both implausible and dangerous:







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Microsoft does not want users to run more than one anti-virus applications. That is why they asked their AV partners to implement a certain switch that all AVs that want to be listed as compatible to Windows 10 AU need to adhere to. If you enable Windows Defender, EAM turns off. If you enable EAM, Windows Defender turns off. If you run Kaspersky and EAM for example, once Kaspersky updated to be fully Windows 10 AU compliant, Kaspersky will turn off the moment you turn on EAM and vice versa. That's all.

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Thanks Fabian.


Doh. I thought that a grayed-out "On" setting in Windows Defender meant that the setting was locked "On". Prior to converting to EMIS, I used Norton Security. In the NS GUI a grayed-out setting meant that the setting was locked.


Best Regards,



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